Leo Gold Edit


  Leonardo "Leo" Gold is son to Steve Gold and Wendy Gold.  He has two brothers, Ronnie and Zach.  He lives in Dorm D.  Leo is good at charms and enchantments after spending a soild week reading 'Charms and Enchantments for the young wizard'he is a fan of the Heavenly hexxers battle team.  His favorite hexxer is Alexis Kelly.  



 His Family is a touchy subject.  His little brother idolizes him.  His older brother doesn't want anything to do with him.  His mom favors his older brother.  His dad likes him best and is willing to admit it.  His cousin Tyler has had a rivelary with him for years.  Leo doesn't know it but Tyler is very jealous of Leo.  


  Leo is very skilled after spending the end of summer reading spell books.  And spending a entire week in his dorm reading Charms and enchantments for a young wizard.  He is also skilled in battling.  


  Italion gold leaf (Tan),centaur hair bay, and bonded by Mercury.

Fun facts

  His orignal name was going to be Lenny Duke, which means Brave Leader.  But was changed to leo duke to mean couragis Leader then finally changed to Leo Gold which has no clear meaning.

He was orignally going to be best friends with Seth Argall but I saw that it was more fun to write about alot of characters then just three.

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